Light jets are great for longer trips, usually up to nearly 2,000 miles. They are fast, efficient, and extremely capable. Most offer a full lav and small galley making your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Light jets can typically accommodate up to eight passengers, but seat up to six comfortably.

These aircraft fly at 45,000’, which elevates them above the turbulent air as well as the commercial traffic. This allows you to fly a more direct route, subject to fewer delays above weather that might slow down other aircraft.

Light jets can get in and out of shorter runways that larger aircraft cannot access.

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Mid Sized Jets – With seating capacities increasing, so do the on-board amenities. In mid-size jets you’ll have larger seats, A/V systems, and much more making your trips comfortable for all your guests.

With the ability to fly high above weather and commercial traffic, and at incredible speeds, you’ll be at your destination faster and more efficiently than ever. Mid-sized jets will achieve over-ground speeds in excess of 600mph.

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Super Mid Sized Jets – Travel in comfort with plenty of room for everyone. Enjoy wide seats, many of which will lay flat and turn around, providing multiple seating configurations and maximum comfort. Comfort is key in this size aircraft and most jets will be fitted with all the amenities to keep you relaxed from takeoff to touchdown.

Most aircraft will have the capability of flying non-stop from New York to London making international destinations within reach without refueling. And with blazing speeds you can fly from London to Ibiza in approx. 2 hours.

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Large Jets… It doesn’t get better than this. Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury in a large jet. From New York you can fly to Tokyo—direct so you can reach the Magic Island of Ibiza from most places non stop. Enjoy the largest seats available including club seating and sofas. Most also include a bed and shower allowing you to arrive rested and refreshed.

Large jets are also ideal for trips with several passengers since most can carry 12 adults, each in their own luxurious seat. These aircraft are very well suited for moving executive teams requiring voice, fax, and email connectivity.

Large jets have full galleys and have flight attendants on board to serve delicious and hot meals to you and your guests.

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