Happy Day Ibiza founder Alex Pascual “The Connector”

Alex was born in France and her childhood years were spent between the Atlantic Coast of France and the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona, her mothers’ birthplace.

After leaving school, Alex studied law at the university of Nantes and was planning on a career in the legal profession but she soon caught the travel “bug”, spending the next nine years discovering the world; travelling as far afield as South America, Asia, Australia, Japan and New Caledonia.

After her exhaustive travels, Alex decided to settle in Ibiza, where she felt totally at home, and spend some time relaxing and enjoying this stunning Mediterranean island. Shortly after arriving in Ibiza she was offered the opportunity to acquire some premises and decided to open a wine bar, she had previously lived in Bordeaux where she discovered the sweet pleasure of wine! The wine bar was soon a great success and after a few months of serving her growing clientele with fine wines and cheeses, Alex’s passion for music gave her the nucleus of an idea that was to change her life … forever!

So, with the introduction of a DJ booth and a good sound system, the wine bar soon became THE place to be during the Ibiza winters. DJ’s like Tania Vulcano, Carl Cox and many more came along to enjoy the great vibe Alex had created and locals, club owners and the islands’ restaurateurs alike flocked to the bar and some fantastic nights followed!

Following some successful years at the wine bar, a change of career beckoned and Alex moved to Miami for 8 months, working as a stylist for a famous fashion photographer, whilst also organising her own pool parties at the Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach.

On her return to Ibiza, Alex had many offers of work in the hospitality industry and decided to opt for the Roof Terrace of L’Elephant where she hosted many memorable parties over the next three summers.

In 2008 Alex joined the El Ayoun restaurant & lounge bar where she was responsible for organising events and taking care of VIP guests. She was also contracted by Pete Tong to look after his VIP clients during his spectacular event at Eden for three summers running, followed by similar events at Pacha Ibiza for a further two years, up to 2012.

Throughout her early career Alex met people from all around the world, many who gathered in Ibiza during the summers. She had built up a substantial client (and friend!) base, many looking for the perfect holiday villa, a yacht for a day or even a chef for a month! Encouraged by this, Alex became a freelance concierge and, after a busy few years, she decided to form her own company and in 2009 Alex started Happy Days Ibiza.

With more than ten years experience in public relations, hospitality and the music industry, Alex had come to the conclusion that excellent customer service is so very important in creating the most enjoyable and memorable stay for her guests in Ibiza…. an ethos she holds close to her heart today.

  • Full Concierge service
  • Bespoke holidays arranged
  • Exquisite accommodation, transport and events
  • Alex is professional, friendly and highly experienced